Cloth Diapers and Daycare

Cloth Diapers and Daycare

Cloth Diapers and Daycare

And just like that, our little Lucas is one year old. That time certainly flew by.

I’ve been back to work for quite some time already, but have been lucky enough to split my time between home and the office with my sister watching Lucas at our house a couple of days a week. This was so ideal as she would, of course, use cloth diapers on him because that’s what we have.

But now it’s time for this mama to get back to the office full-time which means daycare for our little guy.

I don’t know how it is where you live, but here in the Niagara Region of Ontario, cloth diapering is not mainstream. The process of finding a daycare for your child – at least in my brief experience – is stressful enough let alone narrowing your search options by whether or not they will accept cloth diapers. And buying disposable diapers just for daycare was the last thing I wanted to do. Aside from the health benefits (Lucas tends to react to disposable diapers), the environmental impact and the fact that I prefer to “practice what I preach”, it would be an expense that we have not had to incur thus far.

I can see how cloth diapering could be daunting for the working mom.

However, I was determined to make this work and we ended up getting Lucas into a rather sought-after home daycare around the corner from our house – score! We chose her because we know a few people who have sent their kids to her and we found that comforting. But I had no idea if she would be willing to use cloth diapers, and as far as I knew, no other child there wore cloth.

Alex and I went to meet her, armed with a Wizard Uno and prepared to give the best “Cloth 101” demonstration we could. To my surprise, she saw the diaper and was impressed with the simplicity of it. Once I explained that there would be no work on her part (poop, pee, just toss it all in the wet bag and I’ll deal with it afterward) she was convinced it would be no problem. (YES!)

I’ve been sending Lucas there with cloth diapers for weeks now and it has been a breeze. I did mark the snap settings for her with a Sharpie so she would have no trouble fitting them (yes, you read that right, I marked up Wizard Unos with permanent marker in the interest of cloth diapering!). She even sends them back to me in the wet bag all rolled up and snapped over so it all stays clean.

Wet Bag Storage

So, if you’re a working mom who will need to at some point send your child to daycare, don’t fret! Don’t make assumptions, don’t be afraid to ask. Educate those around you. Asking “do you accept cloth diapers?” may not be the best question if they are not familiar with modern cloth diapers. Show your daycare provider your cloth diapers. Teach them how to use them. Make it easy for them! Choose a cloth diapering system that is convenient.

The Wizard Uno is the perfect cloth diaper for daycare. Simple, reliable, trim. It’s the closest you will get to a disposable diaper in terms of ease of use.


Written by: Melissa Froese


  • I’m in the greater Montreal area, and cloth diapering is not mainstream either. We also had issues finding a daycare that would accept CDs. Thankfully, like you, armed with a clean AIO the daycare provider jumped all in! I knew she was the one for us. Now we are onto Baby #2, and still going strong. Only thing I wish is that the Wizard UNO existed with my first!

    Amanda on

  • Yay! So glad you were also able to find a place that will continue the cloth diapering! I’m also in Niagara and our daycare is more than happy to cloth diaper – there are a couple of other kids in the room with my daughter who use other brands of cloth diapers, but the staff all loves our Mother ease Duos best! We have lots of different workers at the daycare, and I try to take time to demo/teach each new person – but I’ve found that even those who come in to sub have been able to successfully figure out how to deal with the Duo’s!! I’d say that’s a pretty good indicator of an easy-to-use cloth diaper ;-)
    (I pre-snap them all together before I drop them off – this way I’ve been able to keep to my usual routine of diaper laundry every other night and just toss used covers in with whatever laundry I’m doing that night, to still have more than enough clean for daycare the next day, and all without having had to really increase or change my pre-existing diaper stash.)

    Mel on

  • Thanks for your experience! We have more than half a year left till Justus goes in to daycare, but I already had some thoughts about it.
    Very good idea to fold the diapers like that!

    Jennifer on

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