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Testimonial Tuesday - Mother ease Diapers Really Last!

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Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday - Mother ease Diapers Really Last

Mother ease Diapers Really Last!

I bought a bunch of used Motherease diapers when my 3rd baby was born. Bought a smattering of other diapers new, including some Motherease and other major (expensive) name-brand diapers.

After my 3rd baby potty-trained, I put them all away until my next baby was born 4 years later... the other expensive brand name diapers I had bought new were all SHOT - all the PUL delaminated and all the elastic completely disintegrated. We won't name any brand names but these were major main brand diapers and had seen VERY little use because I always liked my MEs better! The Motherease were awesome and went through yet another child - both the used and the new ones I had purchased. All the diapers, the covers, and the all-in-ones were awesome.

Ironically, the "china cheapy" diapers I had also bought held up great in storage too... but were never as bulletproof as the Motherease so they weren't my faves either.



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