Transitioning from Disposables to Cloth Diapers

Transitioning from Disposables to Cloth Diapers

Transitioning from Disposables to Cloth Diapers

Disposables to Cloth - It's easier than you think!



Were you afraid to commit to cloth diapers before your baby was born? Maybe you heard too many myths to be comfortable. Or, maybe you thought you might go with cloth, but received so many disposables as shower gifts, you thought "why bother?"

Now that your baby is here, and has been in disposables, it's totally normal to still think "but what if I had chosen cloth?". Let me tell you, it's not too late to make the switch. The good news is, you are already comfortable with diapering, so making the switch from disposables to cloth can be an easy transition. 

Don't get stressed

The first thing to remember is that you do not have to quit using disposables cold turkey - it is completely okay to ease yourself into using cloth. To start, try using a few cloth diapers a day, increasing as you go. Give yourself time to learn how to properly care for them and fit cloth diapers into your routine. You may have to re-wash or you may not properly plan your laundry schedule and run out of clean cloth - but that's okay!

Do your research

When you are switching from disposables to cloth, the most important part of being successful in your transition is to find a cloth diaper company that you can rely on. One that makes good quality, leak-free cloth diapers. While you may think you want a slim, fashionable diaper, ultimately, having a reliable, leak-free solution will provide you with the best cloth diapers for your baby.

One of the best ways to find out how to best use cloth diapers and get a true understanding of what you are taking on is to connect with the extensive cloth diapering community that exists online. Talking to other moms and dads who use cloth will help you learn best practices, better understand the benefits of cloth and get to know which style may be the best for you and your baby. Mother-ease has a great tool to help parents who are new to cloth diapering find the right system for them. Check out our Guide to Cloth Diapering

Get educated as much as possible so you can make an informed decision on which cloth diaper to use and how it can (and will!) benefit your baby and your lifestyle. This may mean even reading review upon review until you find the best brand and style. Or, it may mean speaking directly with different companies to find out what makes them different. (Mother-ease has a great live chat option if you're looking for information on cloth diapering). Whatever it is that makes you comfortable in your decision-making process, do it!

If you have decided that disposables weren't the right choice and want to make a change - be it for health reasons, cost reasons or the desire to lower your environmental impact - it isn't too late to switch to cloth. I think you'll love the difference using cloth diapers can make to your lifestyle!

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