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EcoWasher - Ozone Laundry System



Made in Canada, with love, since 1991!

Never Buy Detergent Again:

The EcoWasher is an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your existing residential washing machine - and NEVER buy laundry detergent again!

This scientifically proven ozone technology is used in hospitals to kill infectious germs and clean laundry with cold oxygenated water – it’s that simple!

How it works:

The EcoWasher transforms cold tap water into a powerful germ-killing oxygen charged wash. EcoWasher engineers simply scaled down hospital technology to make it available for home use. Simply add the EcoWasher on to your existing washer.

We at Mother ease have been testing the EcoWasher Pro Plus model for use with cloth diapers and Bedwetter Pants. It will deep clean laundry, kill bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any residual detergent buildup!

The Pro Plus model uses 3 advanced technologies, Ozone Generator, PCO Generator and Magnetic Technology, to clean ALL of your laundry in soft or hard water whether you have a front or top loader!

In just 5 minutes, the EcoWasher kills:

  • 100% of E. Coli
  • 94% of Yeast
  • 66% of Mold/Fungus
  • 54% of Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever
  • 46% of Salmonella
  • 43% of Staph


Each EcoWasher Pro PLUS has a 3-year warranty. Click the Warranty tab above to learn more.


Installation is simple and everything is included in the box, even the screwdriver! No plumber needed and installs in 10 easy minutes. Click the Installation tab above to watch our video OR read the 7 simple steps.

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7 Steps to Install the EcoWasher Pro Plus

1. Choose a spot on your wall just above your washing machine. Using the 3 screws included in the box, place the metallic mounting plate flush against your wall with the 3 metal tabs facing upwards. Make sure to use the included drywall anchors if no studs are available. We recommend using a level to ensure the plate is horizontal. Make sure the metallic plate is securely fastened.

2. Match up the 3 metal tabs on the metallic plate to the 3 sockets on the back of the EcoWasher® Pro Plus. Carefully slide the sockets onto the metal tabs.

3. Turn off the cold water faucet, and detach the hose. Set your washing machine to “COLD” water ONLY.

4. Attach your existing hose to the water outlet of the EcoWasher® Pro Plus, connecting the washing machine to the EcoWasher® Pro Plus.

5. Attach the hose included in the box to the water inlet on the EcoWasher® Pro Plus and your cold water faucet. Slowly turn on the water and check for leaks.

6. Plug in the AC Adapter to the EcoWasher® Pro Plus, then plug into your outlet.

7. Run the Ecowasher® Pro Plus 2-3 times with your washing machine empty.

That’s it! You’re now ready to experience the deep cleaning power of the EcoWasher® Pro Plus.

Warranty & Troubleshooting

Each EcoWasher has a 3-year warranty which covers parts and labor. For any issues, please contact the EcoWasher Company directly at (800) 599-5191

For troubleshooting common issues, please review below:

Q: Why can I only use cold water when using the EcoWasher®?

A: EcoWasher®’s cleaning agent becomes less effective in temperatures of 75 degrees and above. Therefore, the colder the water the better the clean!

Q: What pre­-treatment can I use for stains?

A: For the best results we recommend using KIND Laundry Stain Remover or Laundry Miracle.

Q: Can I still use bleach or detergent with the EcoWasher®?

A: Chlorinated bleach will eat up the EcoWasher®’s cleaning power. Great alternatives are: Vinegar, Borax or Washing Soda.

Q: Why are my whites or colors dingy?

A: Naturally whites will lose their vibrancy over time. This goes for laundry detergent users too! Detergent uses chemical optical brighteners to trick your eye into thinking that your whites and colors are brighter than they are. Once you use the EcoWasher® after 2-5 washes these chemicals are completely removed.

To whiten or brighten clothes we recommend using Laundry Miracle.

Q: Why is my EcoWasher® stuck on or constantly running?

A: This is the result of some kind of build up in the flow switch which activates the EcoWasher® to turn on when your washing machine is in use.

First, you can try back flushing the unit to attempt to remove any mineral or sediment build up that could be stuck in the flow switch. See below for instructions.

EcoWasher® Backflushing Steps:
1. Turn off your cold water supply. Have a bucket handy to catch any left over water in the hosing.
2. Disconnect both hoses connected to the EcoWasher®.
3. Connect the household cold water supply hose to the outlet of the EcoWasher® to run cold water through the unit backwards.
4. Place your EcoWasher® over a washtub or bucket to collect the water coming out of the EcoWasher®’s inlet.
5. Turn the cold water supply back on high and run the water through the unit backwards for 5 minutes.
6. Reassemble the EcoWasher® back to normal and attempt a wash load.

If the EcoWasher® is still running constantly it will need to be sent in for warranty service to replace the flow switch.

Q: Why has my EcoWasher®’s blue indicator light went dim or gone completely out?

A: The blue LED indicator light in the EcoWasher® has burnt out. You will need to send your unit in for warranty service to replace the LED lighting.

Q: Why are my clothes not getting clean with my high efficiency (HE) washing machine?

A: There are a couple of factors that can contribute to this. If you have a high efficiency (HE) washing machine, these tend to be very water restricting due to their water saving nature. Keep in mind that the water is what is being oxidized to then be transformed into a powerful cleaning agent to wash your laundry.

There are a couple of things that you can try to maximize the EcoWasher®’s cleaning abilities with a HE washing machine:
1. Do smaller wash loads
2. Add an extra rinse cycle to the load
3. Make sure you are using cold/cold water (this goes for all washing machines styles)
4. Make sure you are using an enzyme or hydrogen peroxide based pre-treatment or laundry additive for tough stains and greased items.

Q: Why is my EcoWasher® making a dinging or alarm sound?

A: What you are hearing is the EcoWasher® moisture alarm indicating a leak inside of the unit. First, evaluate the area and make sure there is no water coming from your unit. If there is no detectable leak try unplugging your EcoWasher® power cord for 3 minutes to reset the unit. If you reconnect the power cord and there is still an alarm going off there is a problem with a component inside of the EcoWasher®.

The EcoWasher® will need to be sent in for warranty service to replace the defective component.

Q: Why is my high efficiency (HE) washing machine displaying an error code?

A: Your HE washing machine is calling for more water pressure. If you have the hot water valve to your washing machine turned off turn it back on for the error code to disappear. Be sure to continue using the cold water washing machine setting for the most effective results.

If your washing machine is still displaying an error code a Y-Splitter will need to be assembled to your washing machine and the EcoWasher®. These can be found at your local hardware store. Click the link below for instructions on how to set up a Y-Splitter to your washing machine.

Q: Why is my EcoWasher® flashing red?

A: Majority of the time the EcoWasher® just needs to be reset. To do this simply unplug the power cord connected to the EcoWasher® for 3 minutes and plug it back in. After resetting the unit if the red light still appears there is something wrong with a component inside of the EcoWasher®.

The EcoWasher® will need to be sent in for warranty service to replace the defective component.

Q: Why do my cloths have bleach spots?

A: Bleach spots are the result of something in your water supply reacting with the EcoWasher®’s cleaning agent. We are in the process of developing a unique filter to resolve the issue in these rare cases. For now, place a white towel under the washing machine’s water spout to delay the contact and concentration of ozone with your clothes.

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