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Laundering Products

Eco-Friendly Laundering Products

Protect your Cloth Diaper Investment

Kind laundry products are a family of advanced laundry solutions that are a premium quality and excellent value! The Kind line is specially developed to meet the needs of today's environmentally conscious and discerning consumer.

 KIND Laundry Detergent - Strong enough to clean yet gentle for sensitive skin!

 KIND Fabric Softener - Using silk fibers to soften fabrics instead of traditional methods -making it cloth diaper safe!

 KIND Laundry Stain Remover - Simply the BEST stain remover!

 Laundry Miracle - An additive to boost the cleaning performance of your detergent and also a very effective stain remover!

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KIND Laundry Stain Remover

From $51.00 - $145.00

Laundry Miracle 909 ml

From $45.00 - $135.00

Laundry Miracle - 2L

From $35.00 - $160.00

Laundry Miracle - 4L

From $45.00 - $145.00

Laundry Miracle - 8 L

From $75.00 - $130.00

Laundry Miracle - 20 L

From $155.00 - $159.00

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