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Newborn Cloth Diaper Program

Considering cloth diapers but want to know exactly what you're getting yourself into before investing in a full package?

Mother ease Newborn Cloth Diaper Program allows you the opportunity to try cloth diapering right from birth - for a fraction of the cost!

With the Newborn Cloth Diaper Program, Mother ease will provide you with 24 Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts in the Newborn size to allow convenient full-time cloth diapering of your newborn for a 12-week period. You will be required to purchase a minimum of six Wizard Duo Newborn Covers and a Mother ease Diaper Pail which will be yours to keep at the end. (and hopefully, continue to use with the next size of cloth diapers)

What does this cost you?

$315.00 fully refundable deposit + $96.50 (6x Newborn Duo Covers) + $49.95 (Mother ease Diaper Pail) for a total upfront cost of $461.45.

Once your 12-week program is over, and you've returned your Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts to us (either in-store or by mail) and we have inspected your inserts to assure they have been laundered, sanitized and stains sunned, you will receive a refund of $315.00.

This leaves you with a total cost of $146.95 to diaper your newborn baby for 12 weeks!

What are you saving?

To put your savings into perspective, it would cost you approximately $275 to use disposable newborn diapers for 12 weeks, and $420.00 for a 24 package of newborn cloth diapers.

This leaves you with a savings of $128 - $273 depending on whether you would have chosen to use cloth or disposables for the first 12 weeks.

So, either way you were planning to go, our Newborn Cloth Diaper Program will save you a desirable amount of money! Why not give cloth a try!

The Fine Print:

The Newborn Cloth Diaper Program period starts the day after you receive your package and must be returned within 14 days after the 12-week period expires. This allows you the time to launder, sanitize, place the clean, damp inserts out in the sun to remove staining and ensure the inserts are COMPLETELY dry before shipping them back to us.

Both the deposit and purchase of covers and diaper pail must be paid when you sign up for your Newborn package. Once paid, you will be enrolled in our program and your diapers will be shipped out to arrive to you on-time for the date you've provided. Your deposit is fully refundable with the return of all 24 Wizard Duo Newborn Fitted Inserts in good condition with no damage or missing items. All inserts must be clean, sanitized, dry and stains sunned out. Damaged or lost inserts will be deducted from the deposit. Items returned soiled or wet will NOT be refunded.

Your deposit will be returned within 7 business days of us receiving your inserts back if all criteria are met. This allows us time to review that all your inserts were returned and in appropriate condition.

An alternative option is to receive a credit towards the next size of cloth diapers. This option provides a small financial saving, should you choose to continue cloth diapering!

The absorbent Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts are to be laundered with select detergents (Tide Free and Gentle, Ivory Snow, KIND Laundry Detergent, or Green Works by Clorox) and returned in clean condition, sanitized following the Mother ease instructions, dry and stains sunned out. Soiled and wet inserts will not be refunded. You will be asked to launder all inserts. If this delays the return of the inserts at the designated time, this will result in a late penalty. If the diapers have not been sunned to remove staining, the deposit or portion thereof will not be returned to you. Inserts will be shipped back to Mother ease in the same condition you received them in.

Any Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts not returned on time will result in a late fee. This fee is calculated at a rate of $10/day. This will be deducted from your deposit.

No discount codes or sales are able to be applied to this program. If added to a sale order, the Newborn Cloth Diaper Program items will be removed and refunded from your order.

Note - all stains will not be able to be 100% removed from cloth inserts. Mother ease takes this into consideration when inspecting your returned Wizard Duo Fitted Inserts. The cloth will discolour over time, but the bacteria will be fully neutralized. Keep this in mind when receiving your Newborn Cloth Diaper package. Mother ease will ensure that the inserts you are receiving are fully cleaned and sanitized.

Still have some questions? Check out our Newborn Cloth Diaper Program FAQ.


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