Pre-order Wizard Uno

The Wizard Uno is the leader in All in One cloth diapers!
Simple, trim fitting, absorbent and leak-free!


Due to the high demand for the Wizard Uno, we are selling Unos via pre-order. 

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Wizard Uno One Size and Newborn

Offered in both Newborn and One Size, you can be sure that your cloth diapers will be comfortable and 100% leak-free! 

Using only the best design and materials, the Wizard Uno provides excellent absorbency and a great fit.


  • High tech Stay Dry fabric or Organic Cotton for the absorbent inner of this diaper, keeping your baby comfortable.
  • 100% polyester PUL waterproof outer shell
  • Available in Newborn and One Size
  • Three across rise snaps (on One Size option)
  • Excellent Absorbency
  • EasyCare Technology - ease of washing and quick drying
  • Day Care friendly
  • Inner and Outer Leakage Protection - two separate elastics, creating two lines of defense across the legs + a full waist elastic

 One Size Wizard Uno $31.99 CAD | Newborn Wizard Uno $23.99 CAD

The Wizard Uno, All in One Cloth Diaper is all that you need. A one-step cloth diapering system - just snap and go!

For nights and naps, add one Wizard Booster between the absorbent core and waterproof cover for 12+ hours of leak-free cloth diapering!